way of wellness

The Way of Wellness is a faith-based organization. This organization operates as a residential mentoring facility for women with children who are homeless or victims of domestic violence. The goals are to offer safe housing, instruction and skills to help the women and children break the cycles of domestic violence, generational poverty and dependence on the government.

The Way of Wellness took in the first family on May 24, 2017. As of August 11, 2017, seven women and thirteen children have been served. During this same time six women and fourteen children were turned away because all the beds were full.

The Way of wellness does not receive any state or Federal funding so our organization depends on volunteers, fund raising events, grants and donations. A list of our events and needs can be found by going to our website: wayofwellness.org   Go to our Facebook page and like us. For more information 270-873-8019.