sunday school

Sunday Morning's

Y306 Educational Building

9:45am - 10:45am

6th-12th grades

Each student between the 6th-12th grades has the opportunity each Sunday morning to dive deeper into God's Word!  We take this time very seriously and challenge each student to "know" God's Word and know "why" they believe it!  This is achieved through the Master/Teacher format of learning (follows academic calendar).  The Student Pastor and/or Student Ministry Staff Leader, will teach for 20 minutes and then dismiss the students into their small groups for the remainder of the time.  In small groups, students will dive deeper into what was taught and have the ability to ask and answer questions for further learning!

Of course, breakfast is served each week and we have a lot of fun!


Sunday Night's

5pm - 6pm

(Various host homes of FBC families)

LifeGroup's are a great way for teenagers to grow closer in fellowship, bible study, and missional purpose!  We currently have 7 groups meeting in various host homes across Calloway County.  These groups are gender and age specific and are facilitated by a wonderful group of college students from the BCM at Murray State!  They meet on Sunday night's from 5-6pm and follow the academic calendar.  

*Enrollment for the 2017/2018 school year will re-open in August.  Stay tuned!