Thank you so much for taking some time and visiting our website. If you haven't already, we hope you will be visiting our church soon.

I love First Baptist Church! Naturally, you expect those words coming from the Pastor! When I arrived as a student at Murray State University, First Baptist became a very instrumental part of my development as a Christ follower. Later, through God's kind intentions, I returned to serve at Murray State University as the Baptist Campus Minister for 12 years. First Baptist Church ministered to me and my young family in a special way.

After serving twenty-eight years in the areas of Campus and Collegiate Ministry, I responded to the invitation to serve as pastor of First Baptist Church. Many of these folks have known me for a long time. They are my dear friends and extended family. I commend our fellowship to you and pray we could be a great source of encouragement to you.

We are not a perfect church! However, we are a church with a mission. We desire to be the Great Commandment and Great Commission church that will demonstrate to our community and the world the love of Christ.

May God's love be very real to you and may you experience the grace He offers to you daily to live the life that honors Him.

Grace and peace,

Keith Inman, Pastor