Jim and Paige Smith and their three daughters are serving our military men and women in Fort Carson, Colorado. Jim and Paige, daughter of Steve and Paula Alcott, are serving as missionaries through Navigators.

Jim writes that soldiers at Army installations are at a point in their lives where they
make decisions that set a direction for the rest of their lives, but many of them lack the wisdom and life experience as twenty-somethings to make these decisions. He and Paige engage them by reaching, discipling and training them to follow Jesus and labor in His kingdom for a lifetime. 


They do this by inviting them to chapel Bible studies and then to their home, which is a revolving door. They train them to spend time daily with God, live in practical obedience, share their faith and inductively study the Bible. Then, later, inviting them closer to their lives as they train them to reach, disciple and train other soldiers.