lottie moon (imb)

From its beginning in 1846 First Baptist Church has prayed for, provided funds for and sent her members to minister to people around the world in the name of Jesus. Each year our church also collects an offering dedicated to reaching out to people in this nation and around the world. This is our World Mission Offering, or WMO. The single largest portion of this offering is designated for the International Mission Board’s Lottie Moon offering. This annual offering is named in honor of Charlotte (Lottie) Moon, a missionary appointed in 1873 to China where she served the people of China for over 39 years before her death.

The International Mission Board (IMB) was formed by the Southern Baptist Convention in 1845 to select, train, supervise and support missionaries as they work in other nations. Today the IMB has 3582 missionaries who are serving 900 ethnic people groups. Our missionaries work in huge urban centers and in rural villages to evangelize, plant churches and train national Christians. They also look for ways to strengthen local communities by helping to develop efficient agriculture and clean water supplies. They operate university student centers and medical clinics. All of them work together to make the love of Christ known to those they serve.

There are currently over 4000 people groups who total almost a billion people that have little or no access to the Gospel. In Romans 10 Paul said it clearly, “How can they believe without hearing about Him?”  If we are to truly be a blessing to all the peoples of the world, we must begin to give sacrificially, in the spirit of our Lord who gave Himself.