kentucky disaster relief

Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief teams are some of the first to respond with help to many different types of disasters.  Coy Webb, Disaster Relief Director, states that volunteer teams have been especially busy in 2016 with flooding disasters.  We often see pictures of them wearing their distinctive yellow shirts at the sites of tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters. More than 7,000 volunteers are trained as Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief workers. These volunteers can staff feeding units designed to deliver thousands of hot meals on short notice; move in with chainsaws to help remove debris; do the dirty work of “mudding out” flooded homes; and provide many other disaster relief services. Kentucky’s active disaster relief program works in concert with similar programs in other states. Currently Kentucky Baptist Disaster teams are also participating in a five-year partnership with Baptist Global Response to use their skills to help with many different disasters in sub-Saharan Africa. Whether the disaster occurs in Kentucky or elsewhere in our country or the world, Kentucky volunteers trained and prepared to be called out to help.,1445