baptist global response

Baptist Global Response (BGR) is the organization that represents us, the Christians of the Southern Baptist Convention, in coordinating an effective Christian response to global critical needs wherever they may occur. BGR is Christ-centered and expresses our compassion for suffering and needy people all over the world. As you see videos on TV of the 4 million plus refugees who are fleeing Syria and the other nations because of ISIS or read about sick and hurting people in other regions, you are there; represented by BGR as they work with national partners to provide food, water, medicines and shelter. They work to help desperate people not only to survive crises, but to learn how to form supportive communities that can enhance their ability to prosper. They help people whose lives have been devastated by natural and man-made disasters. They help fight hunger by teaching people to farm more productively as well as providing emergency food supplies. They fight disease by providing sources of clean water and teaching people better hygiene as well as providing medicines and assistance to clinics.  Food, blankets and basic shelter are provided for refugees from wars and natural disasters. Kentucky Baptists have a partnership with BGR focused on Africa to send disaster relief teams of people who are trained and equipped to respond to disease, storms and floods. Our gifts to BGR meet a critical need.

At our regular weekly prayer meetings our church prays specifically for Jeff Palmer, a former staff member of our church who completed his education in agriculture at Murray State and served as an agricultural missionary in Asia before becoming the executive director of BGR. At this time of year we often feel overwhelmed as we decide on gifts for our family. Some people have chosen to give gifts to BGR in honor of relatives or friends in place of Christmas or birthday gifts. A gift of food or water filters are among the many items that can be chosen. If you would like to do this in addition to your WMO giving, BGR has a catalog on line at .