Wednesday at First Baptist consist of our Midweek programming for Adults.  This consists of different 6 week bible studies that are offered to meet the various needs of people in different stages of life.  Men's groups, Women's groups, Parenting groups, apologetics are just to name a few.  Each semester is broken down in to two different six week blocks. 


On February 7, we will begin our first 6-week adult MidWeek session.  We will be offering 3 different options for you to choose from.  They are:

  • Christ Centered Parenting by Russell Moore //   Do you ever feel ill equipped to talk about the cultural issues of our day? Designed to help you lead your children and teens in a confident and responsible way, this 6-session resource will equip you to address pressing cultural topics which children of all ages, from preschoolers through young adults, face, including:   Gender issues, Suicide, depression and anxiety, Pornography, Addiction and coping mechanisms, Same-sex marriage, Singleness, dating, marriage, and divorce. Give your kids a biblical worldview that will produce the next generation of culture shapers—not simply the next generation shaped by their culture.
  • The Quest by Beth Moore //   Curiosity is hardwired in humanity. We have this innate need to question and seek after what we don’t know or understand.   In this 6-session Bible study, delve into Scripture to explore how God created us to seek after Him—a God who desires to be found and known. In this lifelong quest of faith, learn to develop your intimacy with Him and embrace the adventure that comes with living a life for God.
  • Jesus Among Secular Gods by Ravi Zacharias //   Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale defend the absolute claims of Christ against modern belief in the "secular gods" of atheism, scientism, relativism, and more. The rise of these secular gods presents the most serious challenge to the absolute claims of Christ since the founding of Christianity itself. The Christian worldview has not only been devalued and dismissed by modern culture, but its believers are openly ridiculed as irrelevant. In JESUS AMONG SECULAR GODS, Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale challenge the popular "isms" of the day, skillfully pointing out the fallacies in their claims and presenting compelling evidence for revealed absolute truth as found in Jesus. This book is fresh, insightful, and important, and faces head on today's most urgent challenges to Christian faith. It will help seekers to explore the claims of Christ and will provide Christians with the knowledge to articulate why they believe that Jesus stands tall above all other gods.

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